Compression Molding / Slab Side

Strength and heat are the main technologies for rubber and silicone vulcanizing. Tung Yu serves you with various and diverse compression molding machines. We support you with the most suitable solution for your needs.
Compression molding machines in slab type are used to make all kinds of vehicles oil seals, industrial seals, aviation seals, carbon fiber bike frames and so on. Tung Yu is a professional leader in rubber, silicone and composites material forming solutions.
Slab type compression molding machines are designed with the Finite Element Analysis and Thermal Fluid Analysis to ensure safe and smooth production. In addition to this, Tung Yu integrates physical and cyber parts for intelligent production optimizing.
Compression Molding Machine
Open & Close (0)
Compression Molding Machine
Lower Plate Shuttle Out (A)
Compression Molding Machine
2-Layer Mold Demolding (2RT)
Compression Molding Machine
3-Layer Mold Demolding (3RT)
Compression Molding Machine
Multi-Layer Type
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