Continuous Vulcanizing / Bridge Type

Continuously vulcanizing is meant that continued curing and compressing for special required product such as rubber conveyor belts and steel cord conveyor belts. For this purpose, Tung Yu develops and manufactures the rotary type and bridge type vulcanizing press. Bridge type vulcanizing machines can be chosen the up or down stroke design and ranged up to 12 meters as long as clamping platen as well as maximum 14,000 tons for clamping force. In addition to the mechanism range, our solutions are include let-off, wind-up devices, hydraulic clamper & tensioner, compactor lorry, comb and the others auxiliaries for different productions. Tung Yu bridge type machines are applied to make rubber conveyor belt and steel cord conveyor belt. We possess a lot of experience on mechanism designing, software programming, installation and turn-key solutions.
Continuous Vulcanizing
TCP-9100-PCDBridge Type Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine (Up Stroke)

Continuous Vulcanizing
TCP-8600-PCD-UPBridge Type Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine (Down Stroke)

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